Flowertest 'Sophia Loren'

A big Hollywoodstar!

Sophia Loren was a very big star in Hollywood.

The size of these roses is already huge but will they also become big stars in the land of the floral businesses?


Name: Sophia Loren

Colour: Pink 

Grower: Berg Roses

Country: Netherlands

Length: 70cm


Sophia Loren is a very well known movie star which won a lot of different awards.

For years she acted in very big movies and had a contract with Paramount Pictures.

Would this rose be as famous as the real Sophia Loren?

First Impression:

Unbelievable! What a beauty, I just received them and the buds are massive! (check out the picture of day 1). They are at least 3 times the size of a 'normal' rose.

The petals are beautifully folded into each other and the bud feels very strong and vital.

I'm really curious what this rose looks like after a week! Do they open up even more? Do they grow bigger? Or do they stay like this?

After 7 days:

The roses do open up, at first I didn't thought that was possible but they get bigger every day!

After 12 days:

They opened up to an absolute amazing size! 


This is one of the most extraordinary roses I've seen in the last couple of years!

When you buy these roses fresh you won't expect them to grow any bigger, but they do!

After a couple of days the petals start to unfold and they get bigger and bigger.

The clear pink color stays the same for at least 10 days, only at the end of week two they are starting to get a little bit paler.

When you need something special or a real eye-catcher, this is your rose!

People won't believe their eyes.

And at the end of the day it's not only the size that's outstanding the color and the vaselife are amazing too!


Why should you buy this rose?

  • Absolutely beautiful from day 1
  • Massive size
  • Fits the pastel trend
  • Lasts two full weeks

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