Hi I'm Daniël or Daan.

Flowers are a big part of my life ever since I was young.

I grew up and still live in Rijnsburg where one of the Royal Flora Holland auctions is located, this little town breathes flowers.

My dad owns a flower export company and when I was old enough I started to sell flowers from door to door in a town nearby. Right now I run the flower export company together with my dad and my main job is to buy flowers at the auction and to keep everything running behind the scenes.

In the Flowersocials team I'm the video content guy and I'm responsible for the contact with growers, florists and other possible partners to collaborate with.

When I have to choose I would say Peonies are my favorite flowers, it's awesome to see how they unfold.


Hi I'm Jack or Jex.

My story is quite similar to Daan's, I also grew up in Rijnsburg, sold flowers from door to door and my dad also owns a flower export business where I'm responsible for the plant division.

Growing up in the same town with the same background and interests is one of the main reasons we are such good friends although we're very different.

I started with The Flowersocials instagram (Jex & Nine before) a couple of years ago just to show everyone the lovely flowers I took back home from the flower auction.

After a couple of months of posting the Instagram account took off and reached 20k followers.

Now we want to let it grow to another level and that's why I asked Daan to join me:

2 Friends 1 Passion!