Flowertest 'Dark Vampire'

Dark Vampire

A dark color on the edges of the leafs and thorns as sharp as vampire teeth.

It takes a little time to remove these thorns but will it be worth to fight these little vampire teeth?



Name: Dark Vampire

Colour:  Yellow / Dark Red

Grower: Linssen

Country: Ethiopia

Length: 60cm

First Impression:


The Dark Vampire rose is a little rose with a nice two toned color combination of yellow and dark red (almost black).

There are a lot of thorns on every stem and the buds are really closed.

Most of the time it's hard for roses to open up when they're this closed.

I really love the color but I have to be honest to you and I'm a little bit scared that this rose won't open up.

After 7 days:

These little stubborn guys are really surprising me! After 2 days they already started opening up and 70% of them are really beautiful right now.

After 11 days:

The surprise is complete, 90% opened up and I was totally wrong again!


I'm sorry Dark Vampire, I was wrong!

Now that's cleared we can continue with the conclusion.


I'm not a big fan of removing thorns and this rose has a lot of them, like little vampire teeth!

Nevertheless I think this rose is worth the struggle and the time spending on removing the thorns.

At first I thought this rose wouldn't open up and died right away but they really amazed me.

They started to open up really quickly and after a week I had a beautiful vase of roses.

When the rose opens up you see the color changing because the inside is much brighter than the dark outside.

The big conclusion is: I was wrong and this rose will be perfect for your arrangements and bouquets!


Why should you buy this rose?

  • Lovely dark edges on the leafs
  • Good vaselife
  • Stronger then you (or I at least) think

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