Flowertest 14  'Dividend'

Rose: 'Dividend'


Normally we test roses with a minimum length of 50cm but this time we're testing this beautiful 40cm long roses called 'Dividend'


Name: Dividend

Colour: Apricot

Grower: Alani

Country: Kenya

Length: 40cm 

First Impression:


Normally we test 50-70cm roses because they have bigger stems and bigger buds but this time it's not necessary to buy a longer version.

This is such a beautiful and big rose, I've got real high expectations for this one! 

After 7 days:

I'm not disappointed at all! What a beautiful rose, most of them come open beautifully and they still look very vital to me.

After 12 days:

9 out of 10 came open completely, allthough they still look beautiful I don't think they will last much longer.



I really like this rose, it's not a colour you see every day, they are very strong and the buds are really big.

This is a perfect rose for weddings especially with a pastel or light flowertheme.


Positive Points:

  • Special colour
  • Very good vaselife
  • Strong stems / Big buds
  • Perfect 'rose' shape

Negative Points

  • Big stems (you've to work a little bit harder when you cut them off)

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