Plant inspiration 2

Plant inspiration 2: Aloë Vera, Begonia Rex and Platycerium Bifurcatum.


We kick off with the easiest one, the Aloë Vera also known as 'Crocodile's tongue'.

Some of us know this plant as the miracle plant or the natural healer because this plant can be very good for your health.

The gel and juice from the Aloë is used against different diseases and illnesses but also to lose weight and for skincare.

So you can say the Aloë can take care of you but don't need much care for theirselves.

They are already satisfied when you give them a nice and light spot in your house so they don't have to stand low temperatures.

In the spring and summer you just give them water when the soil is completely dried out, in the darker months you can even wait a little bit longer.

Begonia Rex

Rex Begonias are well known for their beautiful colours, some of the varieties even have a touch of metallic.

They like a bright spot without direct sunlight and need water as soon as the soil dried up.

When you treat them right they will even flower, but it's usually recommended to cut the flowers off so the plant doesn't have to waste energy.


Platycerium Bifurcatum

The Staghorn Fern or Elkhorn Fern is a very special plant, probably you bought them in a pot with soil but in nature this plant only grows attached to other plants or trees.

Because they are native to the tropics they love (indirect) light and a warm enviroment.

In the summer you have to bath your fern every week and give them a little mist with a plantspray, in the colder months you only have to do this once per two or three weeks.

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