Flowertest 'Josephine'

Clean Josephine

Another variety from the brand new spray rose range of VOORN Roses, this time we're testing the clear white 'Josephine'.

After the other varieties we've tested by VOORN we're really curious if the complete range is ready for the high-end customers they're aiming at. Let's find out!


Name: Josephine

Colour: White 

Grower: VOORN Roses

Country: Netherlands

Length: 70cm


Already the third variety we're testing for the new brand of 'VOORN Roses'.

This time we're testing the clear white spray rose called 'Josephine' a spray rose which should be perfect for wedding decorations. Because that's where VOORN is aiming at, the customer who wants or almost demands the best quality.

First Impression:


When you hold 5 stems of "Josephine" it feels like a bunch of 20 stems just like we noticed in the previous flowertests of the other VOORN varieties we've tested.

An other characteristic of this variety are the clear white perfectly shaped buds.

On every stem there are at least 15 of them and we can't wait to see how they will develop during the days.

After 7 days:


A couple of buds already opened up widely and they all still look very fresh.

After 12 days:

After 12 days more buds popped open and it looks like we can enjoy these lovely spray rose for at least 3 more days.


Aim for the stars! That's exactly what they are doing at VOORN roses.

They cleared to me that they want to serve high-end quality spray roses and we have to admit we are impressed!

The varieties are from an outstanding quality, the branches are heavy and the amount of buds are unbelievable.

Also the vaselife of 2 full weeks is pretty impressive for a spray rose and it's really awesome to she the development of the buds during the days.

This strong clear white rose is perfect for the customer with high demands just like brides for example.


Why should you buy this rose?

  • Clear white
  • Outstanding vaselife
  • Perfect for wedding decorations 
  • Strong rose

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