Flowertest 'Talea+'

Perfect until the end

Again a rose by Arend Roses, because the last varieties we've tested from this grower were pretty awesome so we expect a lot of this variety.

Will Talea also be perfect until the end just like the other roses of the "Eagle-family"?


Name: Talea+

Colour:  Champagne 

Grower: Arend Roses

Country: Netherlands

Length: 70cm


The internet shows us two definitions for the name Talea, it's a little place somewhere in Romania and there's a very old definition which says it means 'the identity of the little pieces' (in a music play).

Well this isn't a little rose at all but they really do have their own identity!

First Impression:

It's top quality all over again!

This is the fourth variety of the 'Eagle range' by Arend Roses we've tested and we have to admit we are really getting used to their amazing quality!

These Talea roses are looking as fresh as every other Eagle Rose we received, and again it's a lovely color on the buds with perfect green stems and leafs.

The roses can be best described as big budded and champagne-colored.

Although we already know it's from a reliable grower we are really looking forward to see the development of this rose.

Will they open up, what would they look like after a couple of days and of course what their vaselife would be.

After 7 days:

It's obvious this rose doesn't pop open like some others do.

The just getting bigger bit by bit and changing their color a little bit.

The touch of light pink is getting more obvious every day.

After 12 days:

After 10 days they have reached a point where they a truly big and beautiful.

And then when they are just perfect they decide to stay this way! 


I love this! Normally I really like it when a rose completely opens up, but why should you open up when you can stay at your most perfect stage for the rest of you (vase)life?!

This rose opens up very slowly and just when it reaches the perfect stage it stops changing!

It's just like they're thinking they want to grow old in the best way possible.

After they have reached this stage they stayed beautiful for another 5 days.

It's obvious we really love this Talea+ rose but we also want to take a second to make a big compliment to Arend Roses!

After we've tested 4 of their varieties we can honestly say they are one of the best growers we know!

We promise you we keep an eye open and as soon as they are bringing new varieties to the market we will be the first one to show you!


Why should you buy this rose?

  • Amazing color
  • Good vaselife
  • Fits the pastel trend
  • Reliable grower

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