Flowertest 'Deep Purple'

Rock the vase!

Most people do know the English rockband Deep Purple, it's obvious why the name of this rose contains 'purple' but does it rock the vase as hard as the band rocks music?



Name: Deep Purple

Colour:  Purple

Grower: Qualirosa

Country: Ethiopia

Length: 60cm


Deep Purple is a very famous rockband which started in the early 70's and some of their songs you can still hear on the radio nowadays.

It's pretty obvious why this rose is called deep purple but will it be as successful as the band?

We're going to find out of this rose rocks the vase!

First Impression:

The dark edges are the first thing you notice when you see these roses for the first time.

The small buds have a beautiful purple color with darker edges.

After all the varieties of Qualirosa we've tested we can say almost every Qualirosa-rose opens up, but when I see this one I can only pray it will.

It has to be a very strong rose to open up because the buds are still very closed, but who knows it's Qualirosa after all!

After 7 days:

 At first I thought they won't make it but after day 4 they started to slightly open up.

 It's to early to make conclusions but I think I worried for nothing.

After 12 days:

Yep, I totally worried for nothing! They opened up wider and they are absolutely lovely with the darker blushes on the edges.


As you can see on the picture of day 10 they opened up beautifully!

This proves it again; even when the roses are very closed and they need a couple of extra days to start opening up, you can totally trust the Qualirosa quality!

When the buds starting to grow it looks like they get brighter every day because the darker color shifts to the edges.

After 10 days they have lovely soft color and a beautiful traditional rose shape and the dark edges are almost gone.

So this rose changes every day and turns from deep purple to soft purple.

Nevertheless they surprised us and we're happy to say that Qualirosa hold their promise again! It's a true rockstar which will rock your vase!


Why should you buy this rose?

  • Beautiful budshape 
  • Good vaselife
  • Lovely dark edges
  • It's Qualirosa ;-)

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