Flowertest 'Hera'

The Queen of Heaven

Hera the Queen of Heaven, the color of this rose definitely is heavenly but will the vaselife also be extraordinary or divine?




Name: Hera

Colour:  Soft Pink 

Grower: Qualirosa

Country: Ethiopia

Length: 60cm


Hera the Greek goddess of marriage and motherhood.

A very important goddess in the Greek mythology, she was married to her brother and king of heaven Zeus.

Therefore she was called the Queen of Heaven!

Would this rose be the Queen of the Arrangement?

First Impression:

The fresh looking buds have a lovely soft pink color which makes it perfect to use in a pastel mix.

The petals look soft and are shaped perfectly, just like the green leafs.

Our expectations are pretty high because we've tested Qualirosa-roses before and until now they have never disappointed us!


After 7 days:

The roses already opened up quiet a bit, the petals still look very soft just like the color. 

After 12 days:

They opened up bigger than I expected! They are still beautiful and will last another couple of days.


Qualirosa is at it again! Just another lovely rose with an excellent vaselife!

After a couple of days they started to open up and at the end of the second week they grew even bigger than I expected.

The soft pink color stays the same the entire time and makes them look like artificial flowers.

With such a lovely color and long vaselife we can totally understand where the name is coming from!


Why should you buy this rose?

  • Lovely color
  • 14 days vaselife
  • Fits the pastel trend
  • Opens up beautifully

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