Undiscovered Flowerpower

When you sign up for instagram for the first time and you're a #flowerlover you will find the big floweraccounts in 10 seconds.

When you hit the follow button at the first big account you get a lot of suggestions for other beautiful accounts mostly with 10k+ followers.

But there are a lot of undiscovered accounts out there which we luckily discovered, we've listed a couple of them for you so maybe one day they will be among the big floweraccounts too! Don't hesitate to leave your follow-recommendations at the bottom of this page or at our Instagram page!

The florography co.

We discovered this account not long ago, it's only been active since a couple of weeks but the pictures are simply breathtaking.

The artist switches between different styles but nevertheless when one of 'The fluorography co.''s photos pops up at your newsfeed you will recognize it right away.

The beautiful flowers are often held against a black background, so you can see the shape and details of the flowers perfectly.

Follow this account by clicking the link: The Florography co.

The Peculair Plant Project

This is also a very young account, but I think it's really promising for the future.

They already show a collection of very special and exclusive plants at their feed, which I think you would love especially when you're a #planthoarder or a #urbanjungle creator.

You will get a lot of inspiration of plants to add to your wishlist!

Follow this account by clicking the link: The Peculiar Plant Project


Nature, food, flowers & life. That's the bio above this beautiful feed. These four words drew my attention because it sums up almost all the important things in life! This feed makes me feel a kind of nostalgic because the pictures are perfectly detailed with a vintage look.

I think this account is a good addition to your newsfeed when you love the good things in live.

Follow this account by clicking the link: Signesvind


Dahlialovers wake up! Do you really love dahlias? Then you have to follow this account for sure!  This feed is completely filled with one of my favorite flowers, dahlias in a lot of different colors and forms.

It's one big explosion of colors on your newsfeed and it makes me happy every time a new dahlia photo pops up!

Follow this account by clicking the link: Teensaflowers


Beautiful arrangements, lovely bouquets and colorful petals. The feed of Lisel Vonhoff is one big collection of beautiful moments with flowers. Although most of the pictures are made by Lisel herself you can also win your place on her feed by using #mymomentwithflowers , but we have to warn you; the competition is hard!

Follow this account by clicking the link: Bellebouqeuts