Flowertest 'Golden Mustard'

Go for Gold(en Mustard)

A special colour and beautiful traditional shaped bud but will the Golden Mustard really go for gold?




Name: Golden Mustard

Colour:  Mustard (Yellow/Brown)

Grower: Qualirosa

Country: Ethiopia

Length: 60cm

First Impression:

The first impression is very good, the special coloured buds are attached to strong stems with dark green leaves.

They have a traditional budshape and are still very closed which can cause troubles opening up.

Ofcourse we've already tested a lot of different varieties of Qualirosa in our previous flowertests so let's just hope they  provided us with the same high quality as always!

After 7 days:

They open up really slowly, but you can already see how awesome this rose is on the inside. They have much more petals than I expected.

After 10 days:

The first roses dropped their heads last day, but before that they opened up beautifully and really impressed me.



It's Qualirosa as always! A very special rose because of the colour and the amount of petals on the inside.

I think this is an awesome rose for people who like to have something different every now and then.


Why should you buy this rose?

  • Special colour
  • Good vaselife
  • Opens up completely
  • Good quality

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