Flowertest  'Bombastic'

Bo(o)mbastic, call me fantastic!


Who doesn't know the classic Boombastic by Shaggy, would this beautiful sprayrose also be a future classic? Time will tell! The only thing we can tell you right now is the flowertest of  Bombastic.....


Name: Bombastic

Colour:  (Soft) Pink

Grower: Qualirosa

Country: Ethiopia

Length: 70cm 

First Impression:

This sprayrose looks beautiful and perfect for a lot of different purposes.

It has the right colour for the pastel (wedding)trend of this moment, the classical budshape for traditional arrangements and every strong stem has a lot of branches so you can use it perfectly for bouquets.

We can't wait to find out everything about this rose. 

After 7 days:

 They're starting to open up  and still look very fresh.

After 10 days:

On every stem there are buds which opened up beautifully.




I do love sprayroses because you can add a lot of flowers and colour to you arrangements with just a couple of stems.

Normally I've got a hard time trying to let them open up, but bombastic opened up easily. 

This sprayrose has a strong stem, a lot of buds (which do open up!) and a beautiful soft colour.

With all those positive points and their excellent vaselife there is a big chance this is a future classic!


Positive Points:

  • Every stem has a lot of buds
  • Strong stems
  • A lot of buds opened up completely
  • Long vaselife 11-14 days


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    Isobel (dinsdag, 26 september 2017 00:05)

    Please use Australian grown flowers instead of imports which have been sprayed and dipped in chemicals I can't pronounce and flown half way around the world