Flowertest 'Hypnose'

Mysterious Hypnose!

A shape which you don't see very often,  a colour which is almost as mysterious as the name.  I'm curious........


Name: Hypnose

Colour:  Sand(yellos)

Grower: Qualirosa

Country: Ethiopia

Length: 60cm 

First Impression:

There is something mysterious about this rose, I think it's the combination of the special shape, colour and the name.

The buds are pretty big and I had to think a couple of minutes about the colour.

I think the best way to describe it  is as sand-colour or sandyellow, anyway an awesome colour to use in pastel coloured arrangements or in combination with some very bright colours.

The rose is easy to handle, not much thorns and strong stems makes it easy to arrange it the way you want it.

They look very vital and I think although the wheater is pretty hot this rose will last longer than a week.

After 7 days:

They're opening up nice and slowly, they get more special every day.

I really like the way the petals are folded in to eachother in the heart of the rose!

After 11 days:

A couple of roses get brown petals on the inside, but they're still there.


This rose lives up to his name, because of the beautiful way the petals are folded and the special colour it would hypnotise you!

It has an excellent vaselife and during that time they open up beautifully.

The colour is beautiful soft and fits in to every trendy and classic arrangement you can think of.

This rose is easy to combine with other pastel coloured flowers or with bright colours to add some contrast.


Why you should get this rose:

  • Long vaselife (11-13 days)
  • Awesome colour
  • Beautiful budshape
  • Very easy to combine
  • Also a perfect as a soloflower


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    Lille (vrijdag, 25 augustus 2017 22:40)

    Beautiful color. I can see how this. Flower would go easy with a mixed arrangement.