Flowertest 23 'Glow'

Let it Glow!

The last couple of days we've tested a Kenyan rose called Glow, the beautiful intense pink edges and the lovely shape are very promissing!

Does it live up to our expectations?


Name: Glow

Colour:  White / Pink

Grower: Roseto

Country: Kenya

Length: 50cm 

First Impression:

There are a lot of bicolour white/pink roses, but this one is different!

The pink edges are really bright and intense but the shape of the bud feels and looks soft because of the round shape.

I do like roses with soft buds (no not buts!) because I experienced that most of the time it means they will completely open up.

When this rose opens up the way I think it would and mentions to stay alive for at least 10 days it would be a musthave for every florist and flowerlover!

After 7 days:

They opened up really quickly, the shape is beautiful and they look very vital.

I think they should at least hold on for five or six days!

After 9 days:

Instantly they dropped their heads! I have no idea what happened.

Yesterday everything was fine and suddenly they all decided to quit their job!

Maybe it has something to do with the warmer, but since they come from Kenya I expacted they could stand a little heat.


I was wrong! Let's start with that!!

The price was pretty low and the expectations were, so maybe it wasn't fair to think this rose would last at least 10 days.

But it looked so vital and fresh with dark leaves and strong stems, I just thought this would be a real keeper.

I don't want to put all the blame on the quality of the rose because it was pretty warm in our house the last couple of days and we all know roses don't really like warm toes.

And ofcourse 9 days isn't a complete disaster, I had some roses which lasted way shorter!

They came open for about 80% and it is a very beautiful rose, I do like the colour very much and shape is awesome to.

So I think this rose deserves a second chance later this year under normal circumstances. 

Positive Points:

  • Beautiful intense pink edges
  • Nice and 'soft' shape
  • Not much thorns

Negative Points:

  • The temperature was high so they didn't last as long as the other roses we've tested.

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