Flowertest 21 'Dancing Clouds'

Dancing on cloud nine

Ofcourse we're dancing on cloud nine, we get the chance to test so much beautiful roses every week. But will a bunch of Flora Ola's 'Dancing Clouds' make us even happier? You can now read it in a brand new flowertest!



Name: Dancing Clouds

Colour:  Milka

Grower: Flora Ola

Country: Kenya

Length: 60cm 

First Impression:  

Sometimes when you see a new variety you don't know what to expect at all.

The roses are very closed when I get them and most of the time that's a bad sign, they will have t struggle more to open up and have a bigger chance to stay closed.

But the shape of the bud says tells me they will be fine and open up beautifully.

When this variety opens up the way I think it would it can be a real musthave in your collection, it's a beautiful colour which can be used in a lot of different ways.

Perfect for weddingarrangements and it fits right in the pasteltrend.

After 7 days:

After only 1 day they start opening up, within 4 days they already big and beautiful.

After one week only 1 rose didn't open up, so right now we have 19 beautiful roses and one who decided to go to sleep. 

That's not bad at all!

After 12 days:

After 9 days the first couple of roses dropped their heads and right now after 12 days there are only 3 survivors 



This is a beautiful rose which is easy to combine with other flowers, is beautifully shaped, has a good vaselife and I bought them for a fair price.

After 9 days the first roses started to die, ofcourse we had some roses which were stronger but roses which lasts longer than a week are a true gift I think.


Positive Points:

  • Good vaselife 9-12 days
  • Beautiful pastel colour
  • Beautiful budshape
  • Perfect weddingrose
  • Not much thorns

Negative Points

  • I didn't find any negative points 

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