Flowertest 20 'Adalonia'

Rose: 'Adalonia'


This time we're testing a big headed rose called 'Adelonia', it's a beautiful big and strong white rose from the Kenyan grower 'Bliss'.


Name: Adalonia

Colour:  White

Grower: Bliss

Country: Kenya

Length: 60cm 

First Impression:  

At first sight this looks just like a dutch rose, big beautiful buds with strong stems and dark green leaves. I think this can be a spectacular rose considering the big bud and the neutral white colour but is has to open up and last at least 10 days to deserve a place among the champions!I'm really looking forward to test this one!

After 7 days:

They start to open up and most of them look really beautiful.

After 10 days:

The first of them started to die after 8 days and 50% is gone by now.

They all opened up and have a beautiful shape.



It's a beautiful variety which is very strong and have a beautiful budshape.

The bud stays compact and and has a pure white colour untill the very end.


Positive Points:

  • Good vaselife 8-12 days
  • Pure white colour
  • Compact budshape
  • Strong stems

Negative Points

  • Some roses have small damagespots which you only notice after 7/8 days (not a very disturbing point)

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