Flowertest 19 'Red Storm'

Rose: 'Red Storm'


This time we're testing the two toned roses called 'Red Storm' from Qualirosa. This is the third time we're testing roses from Qualirosa so again it's a kind of growerstest too.


Name: Red Storm

Colour:  Two toned red

Grower: Qualirosa

Country: Ethiopia

Length: 50cm 

First Impression:  

This is a real eyecatcher, the two toned flames are really awesome and not something you see every day.

The roses have this 'traditional' rose shape, strong stems, not much thorns and fresh green leaves.

The first impression is very good, they look very strong and fresh and it's feels like you bought special when you leave the flowershop.

After 7 days:

They've opened up a little bit and because of the flames it looks like they're changing colours every day.

After 12 days:

All 20 pieces opened up completely and every single one has another pattern of flames. 


That special feeling when you leave the flowershop like you bought something special really get's bigger every day you have this rose at home.

The traditional rose shape combined with the untraditional colour makes this a really eyecatcher.

Every single rose is different and every one beautiful, it's like you have a bunch of roses which all tell their own story in one vase.

I think I don't have to tell you I highly recommend this one to you! 


Positive Points:

  • Perfect vaselife of 12-14 days
  • The colour transition is awesome
  • It's like they all tell a different story
  • Real eyecatcher
  • Not the usual kind of rose

Negative Points

  • It makes all your other flowers looks simple.

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