Flowertest 17  'Madam Red'

Rose: 'Madam Red'


 This weekend we celebrate mothersday and ofcourse the classical gift is a bunch of red roses. So this week in our Flowertest Madam Red, a red rose from Kenya.


Name: Madam Red

Colour:  Red 

Grower: Flora Ola

Country: Kenya

Length: 70cm 

First Impression:

The buds are big and beautiful deep red, the leaves are dark green and the stems strong and big.

They have more thorns than I prefer but they come of easy so cleaning them isn't that difficult. 

The first impressions of this rose are good, it looks like they would last a couple of days and I think they will open up too!

After 7 days:

They came open beautifully, untill now every rose still looks fresh.

70% opened up, the leaves are still dark green and I think they will last at least 3 days.

After 14 days:

After 10 days I removed 3 roses with bad and brown leaves, after 12 days 10 more and the last 7 survived for 2 weeks!


When you buy this variety for your mother she would have a beautiful vase of roses for at least 10 days.

90% of them opened up completely and they have an awesome vaselife that's really value for money! 

Positive Points:

  • Long vaselife of 10-14 days
  • Good quality for a 'normal' price
  • Every rose opened up

Negative Points:

They have quiet a few thorns

If you want more information about one of the varieties we've tested or you want your own roses to be tested, please contact us via info@jexnine.com or a with a direct message on any social media.

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