Flowertest 16  'Quicksand'

Rose: 'Quicksand'


 This time we're testing a bunch of 'Quicksand' roses from the grower 'Qualirosa'.


Name: Quicksand

Colour:  Creme 

Grower: Qualirosa

Country: Ethiopia

Length: 60cm 

First Impression:

They have big strong stems and dark leaves, the buds are closed completely and the colour is beautiful soft creme.

This rose is perfect for arrangements and bouquets, because you can match this colour with almost every other colour.

After 7 days:

Every single one of the bunch opened up already!

They really look beautiful, they have a perfect classic rose shape and still look very fresh and vital.

After 10 days:

This is really an awesome rose, the all completely opened up and the colour is really beautiful. 


I'm really surprised by this rose, although the buds were really closed when one the first day they did completely open up.

They have an excellent vaselife of more then 10 days.

The bright creme colour is easy to combine with every other colour but looks really awesome in pastel coloured arrangements and bouquets.

I highly recommend this variety to everyone.


Positive Points:

  • Long vaselife of 10-14 days
  • Easy colour to combine
  • Every rose opened up

Negative Points

  • You can be misled by your first impression of this rose.

If you want more information about these roses or you want your own roses to be tested, please contact us via info@jexnine.com or a with a direct message on any social media.

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