Flowertest 15  'Marie-Claire'

Rose: 'Marie-Claire'


This time we're testing one of the most famous orange roses called 'Marie-Claire', since this is the second we're testing roses from grower 'Equinox' it's a kind of a growertest too!


Name: Marie-Claire

Colour:  Orange

Grower: Equinox

Country: Kenya

Length: 60cm 

First Impression:


I bought a bunch of 20 stems with a length of 60cm.

The colour is beautiful and bright, the stems and leaves are dark green  and they are looking very fresh.

After 7 days:

They've opened up a little bit and are still looking very fresh and vital, it looks like they will survive another week.

After 12 days:

Most of them opened up and they are getting brighter every day.

They went from orange to almost yellow in 10 days.



It's obvious why this is such a well known rose, they are very strong and have good vaselife.

The colour is fantastic and the shape of bud after a couple of days is perfect too.

About the grower 'Equinox' we can conclude that they have a range of very beautiful and strong roses.


Positive Points:

  • Amazing vaselife of 12-14 days
  • The colour transition is awesome
  • Almost every rose opened up

Negative Points

  • The change of colour can also be a negative point when you need your flowers to be one exact colour (orange in this case) for a couple of days.

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