Flowertest 13  'Monte Carlo'

Rose: 'Monte Carlo'


This week we're testing this beautiful red rose called 'Monte Carlo' from Sierra Flora


Name: Monte Carlo

Colour:  Red 

Grower: Sierra Flora

Country: Kenya

Length: 60cm 

First Impression:

A beautiful dark red rose with strong stems and dark leaves, they look very vital to me.

The first impression is very good and I expect a lot from this one!


After 7 days:

They open up beautifully, this rose is exactly what I expacted! 

After 12 days:

The complete bunch of 20 roses opened up, the shape is just perfect and they're still going strong.



This is just an amazing rose, they last long, open up completely and have a beautiful red colour.

I think it's the perfect rose to give to your loved ones.


Positive Points:

  • Amazing vaselife of 12-14 days
  • Perfect red colour
  • Every rose opened up

Negative Points

  • Really nothing!

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