Flowertest 12  'Orchestra'

Rose: 'Orchestra'


It's been a while since we tested some roses but now we're back with this rose called 'Orchestra'.


Name: Orchestra

Colour:  Cerise

Grower: Rosa Plaza

Country: Kenya

Length: 50cm 

First Impression:

 As you can see this time I bought them just a little bit more opened up.

When you buy them at this stage you can be for 80% sure that they will open up completely.

This variety doesn't have very big buds but they are perfectly shaped and I really love the deep colour.

After 7 days:

The opened up already and are still beautiful.

The colour stays exact the same and doesn't fade or change at all.


After 11 days:

80% opened up and that's not bad at all!

They won't last much longer but 11 days for a rose in this pricerange is very long.



I'm impressed, I didn't pay a lot so I wasn't expact them to survive more than 5 days.

But they proved me wrong and I'm happy to admit that!

Positive Points:

  • Good vaselife of 11-12 days
  • Beautiful little rose
  • Nice price

Negative Points

  • I can't find any!

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