Flowertest 11  'No Limit'

Rose: 'No Limit'


This time we've tested a new variety called 'No Limit', does the vaselife really have no limit or does the name gives us false hope!


Name: No Limit

Colour:  White/Pink

Grower: Kisima

Country: Kenya

Length: 60cm 

First Impression:

The colour is very beautiful and clear, the stems and buds are big and strong.

At first sight this looks like a very good rose, I just hope they will open up.

After 7 days:


A couple of roses opened up a little bit, but most of them are still closed completely.

But they're still standing, so I've got nothing to complain about.

After 11 days:

I don't see much change compared with 4 days ago, I think they won't open up any further.


 It's a beautiful rose with an excellent colour and nice big buds.

I'm a little bit dissapointed that they didn't open up.

Nevertheless the vaselife is just fine, I think it's a good and strong variety.


Positive Points:

  • Good vaselife of 11-12 days
  • Beautiful rose

Negative Points

  • They don't open up completely
  • Some of them have little damage spots at the end of the road (I don't know where it's coming from)

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