Flowertest 10  'Charmant'

Rose: 'Charmant'


This week we're testing a new rose variety called "Charmant" from the Kenyan grower Mount Elgon.


Name: Charmant

Colour:  Creme/Champagne

Grower: Mount Elgon

Country: Kenya

Length: 60cm 

First Impression:

The first impression is very good, this looks like a very strong rose.

They have beautiful hard buds, dark green leaves and very strong stems.

The colour reminds me of a very well known and strong rose called "Talea", I hope this one is just as good!

After 7 days:

I'm not dissapointed at all, they still look beautiful and fresh.

The buds opened up a little bit and the colour is changing every day.

I hope they will open up further in the next few days.

After 12 days:

It looks like they're just 'sleeping', they didn't open up any further.


I throwed them away after two full weeks, that's

pretty amazing for a rose.

Although they didn't open up completely they looked very nice the full 14 days.

Positive Points:

  • Long vaselife of 12-15 days
  • Beautiful rose

Negative Points

  • They don't open up completely

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