Flowertest 8 'New Orleans'

Rose: 'New Orleans'


Again we're putting a Kenyan rose to the test, this time it's a new variety called 'New Orleans'.



Name: New Orleans

Colour: Milka

Grower: Bahati

Country: Kenya

Length: 60cm 

First Impression:

The colour is nice and soft and it's just looks like a normal and good rose.

The amount of thorn's are average and the budsize is also just normal.

A very average and normal rose, but who needs more when they just open up during the week and the colour stays beautiful?


After 7 days:


Every rose came open perfectly and the colour is still beautiful.

I think they will keep their head up a another day or two.

After 10 days:

Most of them are still standing, they are losing their vitality but 10 days is pretty good for a Kenyan rose.

After 12 days:

They're all gone by now, but I have to say they surprised me.


They have a really good vaselife a really nice colour.

It's not one of the most beautiful or unusual varieties I've ever seen but never the less it's just a very good rose.


Positive Points:

  • They last 10-11 days
  • Beautiful colour 

Negative Points

  •  Nothing really. It's just a good variety, not special just good.

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