Flowertest 7 'Glory Days'

Rose: 'Glory Days'



We're testing a bunch of very unusual roses this week called 'Glory Days'.


Name: Glory Days!

Colour: Orange

Grower: H. und S. Kretz

Country: Germany

Length: 60cm 

First Impression:

You have to look twice to see it's a rose, one of our instagram friends noticed; "they look like folded crêpe paper."

They allready are opened up so I'm very curious how they will change/grow/open up further during the week.


After 7 days:


I'm very surprised about how they grew, offcourse they didn't open up any further but they did grew a little bit bigger.

I think they don't last much longer because in the heart of the rose I allready see some brown petals.

(as you can see at the picture)

After 8 days:

They were all gone after 8 days, it's a very beautiful rose but not a very strong one.

I don't mind the "short" vaselife because it's a real eyecatcher and for me it's more important to have something special than to have something that lasts 2 weeks.


It's a very special variety and a real eyecatcher.

They won't last very long but I still would buy them again.


Positive Points:

  • Eyecatcher
  • Very unusual variety

Negative Points

  • Brown petals appear very soon
  • Only last 6-8 day

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