Flowertest 5 'i2i'

Rose: 'i2i'



This time we are testing the rose 'i2i' in our flowertest, this is a new variety of Bloomingdale Roses.


Name: i2i

Colour: Cerise / Purple

Grower: Bloomingdale Roses

Country: Kenya

Length: 70cm 

First Impression:

This is a complete new variety, the colour is pink on the inside and a little bit more purple/cerise on the outside.

The bud feels hard and they have a lot of thorns.

At first sight it's a beautiful rose but I would be surprised when they open up. 

After 7 days:

It's a beautiful and strong rose but just a few opened up, the rest just stay the way I bought them as you can see in the picture. (The rose on the right stayed completely closed)


After 10 days:

They are still there but it doesn't look like they're going to change a lot more, I think they are asleep.



It's a beautiful rose and I would say they're just ok.

It's not really an eyecatcher, they won't open up very easy and they have a lot of thorns.

But the colour is nice and althought there are just a few in a bunch which will change during the week they will last 7-10 days.


Positive Points:

  • Beautiful bright colour
  • Strong rose 
  • Their vaselife is just fine with 7-10 days

Negative Points

  •  Not a real special rose or an eyecatcher
  • A lot of thorns
  • 40% didn't open up 

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