Flowertest 3 'Cupcake'

Rose: 'Cupcake'


This week we're testing the dutch rose called 'Cupcake'.


Name: Cupcake

Colour: White/Light Pink

Grower: Sjaak van der Hulst

Country: Holland / The Netherlands

Length: 60cm 

First Impression:

At first sight this doesn't look like a real strong rose, they have got a 'soft' pink colour and the flower is allready a little bit opened up and feels soft.


It's obvious where the name comes from because they just look like a bunch of delicious cupcakes.

I'm looking forward to see what their vaselife would be.

After 7 days:

Some of the rose petals turned brown, but most of them are still in perfect shape.

I took off the brown petals and made the roses a little bit shorter.

After 10 days:


There are still some roses left, they have lost their soft pink colour and are allmost completely white right now.


At first I tought that they wouldn't last very long but 9-11 days isn't bad at all.

It's really a beautifull rose and because of it's colour and shape it is just perfect for weddingarrangements.


Positive Points:

  • They last at least 9 days
  • Easy tot cut off 
  • Not much thorns

Negative Points


  • They lose their pinky colour (this doesn't have to be a bad thing)
  • After a couple of days some of them get brown petals 

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