Plant inspiration 1

This is the first edition of Plant Inspiration, once a month we want to introduce 3 or more plants to you.

We give a little bit information about how to take care of them but mostly we hope to  inspire you.

Plant inspiration 1: Euphorbia Tirucalli, Euphorbia Erytrea and Sansevieria Black Coral.

These 3 plants have got on thing in comment, they don't hate you when you forget to water them once or twice.

Especially the Euphorbia Erytrea is very easy going, because they can store up water inside.

They can stand a lot of light and warmth but also don't mind standing in a darker place.

Just make sure they don't have to stand a temprature below 2 degrees celcius at night and 10 degrees celcius during the day and you will have a beautiful and easy plant which you can keep for years and years.


The Euphoria Tirucalli needs a little bit more attention but isn't that hard to take care off too.

They like a warm (between 15 and 25 degrees celcius) and light spot, like on your windowsill.

Make sure you don't water them when the ground is still a little bit moist, first let the ground completely dry out.

When you 'accidentally' break or cut the Euphorbia it will start to bleed, this blood looks like milk and can irritate your skin or  it can even cause blindness when it makes contact with your eyes.

Another plant which doesn't need a lot of care is the Sansevieria Black Coral, during wintertime he can easily go 6 or 8 weeks without water.

In the summermonths they need a little bit water once in 2-3 weeks, but also with the Sansevieria you have to wait untill the ground is completely dried up.

They like a place near a window, the further you place them from the window the darker they get.

So far the first edition of Plantinspiration, we hope you enjoyed reading it.

We would really like to hear your thoughts, so feel free to comment.


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