Flowertest 1 'Pop Star'

Rose: 'Pop Star'


This week we're testing a new variety of roses called 'Pop Star'.


Name: Pop star

Colour: Pink (Cerise)

Grower: Bellissima

Country: Kenya

Length: 70cm


First impression

Every single rose in the bunch of 20 pieces looks perfect.

They have got a normal amount of thorns and the bud is 6cm big.

The intens pink colour draws your attention right away, I guess that's why they are called 'Pop Star'.

After the test I can tell you if they are one day flies or real queens and kings of pop.


After 7 days

Not one single rose died until now, 18 of the 20 roses totally opened up and they look amazing.

The colour is just as beautiful as when I bought them.


After 10 days

We've got 5 survivors left, so we can really call them Pop Stars!!



This rose truly surprised me, it's big, it's beautiful and really strong.  

I would definitely recommend this rose.


Positive points:

  • Vaselife 8-12 days
  • Retain their colour
  • Big bud
  • Completely open up

Negative points:

  • Big stems (makes it a little bit harder to cut off)

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